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ZPROGO team - supplier IT promotional gifts

7 reasons why realize production IT promotional gift by us:

1. We have large exoeriences and 22 years of praxis
2. We specialize in manufacturing IT promotional gifts USB FLASH DISK, POWER BANK, VIDEO BOOKLET, WEB KEY, USB-fans, Selfie
3. We create original design promotional USB flash disk and power banks all for free, production from 100 pieces
4. Before the commencement of mass production we will supply functional sample
5. IT promotional gifts include only original components brands SAMSUNG, Micron, Hynix, Intel or Toschiba
6. We are following new trends in a world IT
7. Among our customers include several important companies

The prestigious GOLD CERTIFICATE TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY is awarded to companies that boast of not having negative feedback from their clients and business partners. The certification process is based on the search of negative reviews on the internet for the given company, using an indicator of opinion when using the "NEGATIVE PHASES". Our professional approach with high quality of service and reliability is appreciated by our clients, which we greatly appreciate and thank you.